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Tips On How To Create A Gallery Wall

If you’ve curated an array of beautiful artwork and are looking for a way to showcase it in your home, a gallery wall can be a fantastic option. They’re a great focal point for any room and perfect for someone with an eclectic mix of artwork.

As wonderful as they are, gallery walls can feel like a daunting puzzle to assemble, so we’ve put together a few tips to help get you started.


1) Variation is Key

Consider varying either subject matter, framing, size, or medium to increase visual interest.


2) Stick to Odd Numbers

Choose an odd number of pieces to help create a more dynamic layout.



3) Consistent spacing

While you’ll be varying other aspects of your gallery wall, make sure to the spacing between pieces consistent for a visually pleasing layout. Include an internal axis to have a feeling of cohesiveness.

4) Test it Out

Once you’ve selected the pieces you’d like to use, do a rough sketch with a pencil and paper. When you feel good about the sketch, lay the artwork out on the floor or create a mockup on the wall to get a better sense of how it will work. It will save you a lot of time!