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Unique Install Ideas

It’s okay to think outside of the box when installing artwork! Even if you think you’re fresh out of blank walls, there’s probably a spot for that painting you can’t live without. Next time you’re looking for somewhere to hang your artwork at home, consider these five unexpected places.

Elise Remender’s Day Dream adds a retro touch to this stunning kitchen designed by Fuller Interiors


1. In the Kitchen

The kitchen is often overlooked when it comes to displaying artwork, but we suggest adding a piece or two to the heart of your home! It’s a great way to give the space some extra color and personality. Place a large-scale piece on an empty wall to make a statement, or nestle a small gem between the counter and the cabinets for a subtle dash of character.


A piece by Charlie Bluett adds character to this stairway


2. In the Stairway

Odd wall space? No problem! Embrace the angled spaces around your staircase by filling them with artwork. Try grouping several pieces to complement the shape of the wall, or add some drama with an oversized canvas.


Before Dusk by Dennis Campay, layered over a mirrored wall


3. On a Mirrored Wall

If you have mirrored or glass wall, it might become your new favorite spot to place artwork. Hanging a piece on top can create a fun and unexpected layered effect.


Try working a small piece like a Hunt Slonem bunny into your bookshelf styling


4. In Your Shelving

Can you spot the Slonem bunny in the shelves above? Consider incorporating smaller pieces or sculptures in with your books and decor. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could even try hanging a piece on the front of your bookcase for an offbeat install.


Dancing Flowers by Virginie Bocaert placed in an elegant dining room with wood paneling


5. Over Your Moulding

There are so many fabulous ways to hang art on or around your wall moulding. Don’t let tall wainscoting prevent you from displaying your larger pieces—they’ll look amazing layered over the moulding at eye level.


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