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Art for a Light and Airy Living Room

For this light and airy living room, I chose three different abstract paintings that transform the space through color and creative expression. The room focuses on natural elements and lots of texture. My goal is to elevate the space without taking away focus from the gorgeous details.

— Marcie


Idea 1: In Good Measure by Wendy Westlake

Wendy Westlake, In Good Measure, Oil on Canvas, 51 x 65 inches


Wendy Westlake’s In Good Measure perfectly matches the mood of the space, featuring a modern and clean composition with shapes that beautifully complement the room’s overall aesthetic. The artwork’s subtle yet distinct features create an elegant focal point, effortlessly tying together the room’s ambiance with a touch of contemporary sophistication.

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Idea 2: Shades of Light by Amy Donaldson

Amy Donaldson, Shades of Light, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 60 inches


Amy Donaldson’s Shades of Light enriches and grounds the room with its use of deeper colors while introducing a captivating sense of motion, transforming the space into a dynamic and visually engaging environment. The infusion of pastel tones softens the ambiance and creates balance, ensuring a captivating and harmonious blend of vibrancy and airiness. The artwork effortlessly elevates the room, inviting a contemplative appreciation of its nuanced beauty.

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Idea 3: Say Yes Quickly by Maria Burtis

Maria Burtis, Say Yes, Quickly, Mixed Media on Canvas, 63.6 x 62 inches

Maria Burtis’ Say Yes, Quickly is a vibrant and uplifting piece. With carefully composed floral elements, it brings a fresh and positive atmosphere to any space. The burst of colors represents life and renewal, creating a dynamic and rejuvenating ambiance. The title encourages an optimistic mindset, making it a visual celebration of embracing life’s affirmative moments.

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