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Embracing Shape: Think Outside Of The Box

A unique work of art is the solution to elevating your space. A statement piece of art adds dimension and creates conversation, imbuing creative, engaging energy throughout a room. Artwork that explores curves and soft edges can provide a interesting alternative to the traditional rectangular canvas. We’ve rounded up five works of art that break the classic square mold and embrace shape!



Anke’s new series of round mixed media pieces are like looking into a snow globe. They are nostalgic- depicting familiar, yet dreamy landscapes. Anke’s new work in this series is made on round wooden panels using a technique where the artist combines resin coating with matte coating in different sections. Together with the distinct circular shape of the work, this new artistic method gives the work an eye catching individuality.

Anke, Into The Woods, Mixed Media on Wood, 48 x 48 inches


Anke, Winterdream, Mixed Media on Wood, 48 x 48 inches


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Tom Bolles creates saturated abstractions that explore balance, light, color, and harmony. His new circular pieces are especially captivating. The combination of his rich color and meticulous attention to line, edge, and perspective pull the viewer’s eye in with a mesmerizing, almost psychedelic, rhythm. His colorful curved creations are the ultimate eclectic statement piece.

A bold steel frame is the best way to maximize the interest in these stunning works of art. Explore how we create custom circular steel frames for Bolle’s work here.

Tom Bolles, Red Gummy Bears, Mixed Media on Canvas, 66 x 66 inches


Tom Bolles, Bronze Target, Mixed Media on Board, 48 x 48 inches


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Matt Devine fabricates metal and other dense materials to create sculptures that appear light as paper. His work explores the concepts of nature and industry while playing with elements of density, light, and shadow. Worried Note Red feels both chaotic and accordant; a writhing scarlett bundle- perfectly contained and weightless. Additionally, the eccentric silhouettes of Devine’s sculptures offer interest and contrast without overwhelming a space. His work is uncaged, free to create shadows that will delicately dance wherever the work is displayed. Devine’s sculptures are enthralling and engaging, the ideal statement piece for any room.

Matt Devine, Worried Note Red, Powdercoated Steel, 48 x 48 inches
on display at Merritt Gallery, Baltimore Location


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