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Finding a Focal Point

For this chic, yet classic modern farmhouse living space, I selected pieces that would be complementary to the design, and would create a much-needed focal point. Discover how each impacts the mood and enriches the personality of the room. Which would you choose?


Idea 1: Standing on Peace by Amy Donaldson

Amy Donaldson, Standing on Peace, Oil on Canvas, 28 x 46 inches


Amy Donaldson’s Standing on Peace captures the eye with its spirited palette, inviting you into the sitting area. The painting is both serenely grounded and energetic, capturing light within a gestural flurry of earthy hues.

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Idea 2: Fade Into You by Alberto Murillo

Alberto Murillo, Fade Into You, Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 40 inches


Alberto Murillo’s Fade Into You is a bold option that complements the strong features and layered look of the space. Strong overlapping fields of color keep the viewer focused on the piece, framed by the built-ins on either side. In this painting, Murillo captures a sense of tranquil flowing shapes, as the layers transition into each other.

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Idea 3: Highland Cow No. 4 by Randal Ford

Randal Ford, Highland Cow No. 4, Photograph on Aluminum, 48 x 48 inches


Like the perfect song for a special occasion, Randal Ford’s Highland Cow No. 4, named Symphony, seems to be right at home in this space. Her soft, wispy tufts of hair complement the variety of textures in the room while the gold accents, warm wood tones and decor lend an effortless bohemian glow to her tousled look. The only thing that’s missing is Randal Ford’s book, The Animal Kingdom, for the coffee table.

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