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Hunt Slonem: Blue Diamond Palma

Hunt Slonem, Blue Diamond Palma, Oil and Acrylic with Diamond Dust, 60 x 60 inches

Hunt Slonem is famous for his neo-expressionist paintings of bunnies. These contoured rabbits are part of his daily studio practice—he paints them every morning as a warm up exercise. For Slonem, rabbits symbolize innocence, luck, mythology, and nature. His compositions vary between single bunnies, living alone in a frame, and masses of rabbits, patterned in a gestural grid. Consistently, though, the bunnies are painted with loose, sweeping strokes in a playful, confident manner.


Bunnies in Slonem’s studio; from his instagram @huntslonem



“I need to paint. It’s not a complete world for me, even if I’m doing installations or sculpture. There’s something about you and the canvas and the paintbrush and the colors”. -Hunt Slonem


Blue Diamond Palma creates a magical experience for the viewer. The expressive contour lines are drawn with oil paint, then delicately misted with diamond dust. This method illuminates details the solid cobalt background and gives the bunnies a mystical shimmer.


Hunt Slonem, Blue Diamond Palma (detail), Oil and Acrylic with Diamond Dust, 60 x 60 inches


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