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Insider Edit: What Manda’s Loving

I’ve always had a passion for art more than anything else in life, and to be surrounded by it every day brings me a lot of joy. As the gallery registrar, I handle the intake of all the new work we receive. A big part of my job involves communicating with the artists, and getting to know the people who make the work on our walls is an amazing perk.

Here are three recent additions to our collection that I have caught my eye.

Audra Weaser, Pale Coves, Mixed Media on Panel, 30 X 62 inches


Audra Weaser | Pale Coves

Audra Weaser is one of my favorite artists we have in the gallery. I really enjoy the softness of her work, and the metallics she incorporates add a whole new layer of intrigue. I love how her pieces evoke nature in such a unique way, but I love this piece in particular for its color palette – much different than the blues she normally uses. 

Weaser: View More | On the Wall


Liz Barber, Pink Crocus 1, Mixed Media on Canvas, 62 X 62 inches


Liz Barber | Pink Crocus 1

I absolutely adore all the different colors and textures that Liz Barber uses in her abstract floral paintings. They are so striking in person – I could spend hours getting lost in them. I particularly love the color choices of this piece – the juxtaposition of that bright green with the soft lavender is so unexpected and interesting to me.

Barber: View More | On the Wall


Deborah Weiss, Blooms + Stems 8, Mixed Media on Paper, 32.5 X 24.5 inches


Deborah Weiss | Blooms + Stems 8

As someone who does a lot of collage, I have been drawn to Deborah Weiss’ work since I started at the gallery. Her bouquets have a soothing quality to them and I find them so charming. Looking at her work makes me want to create, and it is a privilege to always be inspired at work.

Weiss: View More