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Insider Edit: What Tara’s Loving

It is a privilege to be surrounded by beauty and color here in the Haverford gallery. As an art consultant, I hope to share this very experience with every visitor.

The wonder of art is that it speaks to the soul day after day, and the right piece brings joy to our clients that lasts. In many ways we choose the art that surrounds us but more often, art chooses us—it speaks to us, it calls us by name, and it gives our eyes and hearts a place to rest.

Joseph Adolphe, A Message from Home No. 2, Oil on Canvas, 80 X 70 in


Joseph Adolphe | A Message From Home No. 2

The first time I stood in front of this painting, the word “benevolence” came to mind. This piece seems to speak to the mystery of how we find ourselves where we are, how we grow in wisdom as well as fragility. It recalls me to my need to be known and for my life to be carried in bigger hands than my own. With his bold brushstrokes, Joseph Adolphe draws us into an enigmatic teal sky with a gently floating message. What is that message for you?

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Carly Allen Martin, The Botanist in Cobalt, Mixed Media on Panel, 61.5 X 61.5 Framed


Carly Allen Martin | The Botanist in Cobalt

This painting has such a free spirited, joyful presence in our gallery! But just behind the quick hand and youthful energy, one finds a deep cobalt blue background, a sort of gravity that enters the dance. Shades of violet punctuate the edge of the brush strokes, guiding our eye in a circular path towards an amethyst pool in the center of the piece—my favorite touch of the artist, as amethyst is long known for clarity, peace and intuition. What a juxtaposition amidst the flurry of color! But isn’t this how we often experience joy, alongside other emotions that ground us and keep us craving depth and meaning? Carly Allen Martin captures all of this in her art.

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Alexander Sheversky, Red Tulips, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 60 in Framed


Alexander Sheversky | Red Tulips

A sultry, moody, rich black velvety canvas is the backdrop to springy tulips at the peak of freshness—a perfect example of classic still life paintings, reminding me all at once of the vibrancy and the transience of life. In this moment, the reds and peachy creams of the tulips seem to jump off the canvas. This painting evokes in me a feeling of gratitude for the beauty and abundance of the now, and a deep appreciation for all that bursts with life around me every day.

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