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New Arrivals: Explorations in Color

Alberto Murillo, Red Dust, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60 inches


Alberto Murillo pours and manipulates paint on canvas to create concentrated blocks of vibrant color. Inspired by Abstract Expressionism, he uses color to evoke the memory of different places he’s experienced. What place does Red Dust make you think of?

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Raul de la Torre, Fils I Colors DCIV, mixed media on canvas, 30 x 48


Detail of Fils I Colors DCIV


In his Fils I Colors series, Raul de la Torre starts by painting on canvas or paper, then makes cuts in the surface and fills those gaps with embroidery. The embroidery gives his work a unique texture, while representing the individual life experiences that become a part of our DNA. Color creates its own language in de la Torre’s work, meant to be interpreted differently by each viewer.

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Marshall Noice, Blue Ponderosa and First Leaves, pastel on paper, 22 x 15 inches each


With oil paints and pastels, Marshall Noice brings the nature around him to life. Rather than interpreting the landscape literally, Noice chooses colors that capture how it felt to be in that environment. Noice is particularly fascinated by the relationships that form between adjacent colors.

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Geoffrey Gersten, Girl on the Beach, oil on linen, 40 x 40 inches


Detail of Girl on the Beach


Geoffrey Gersten is drawn to the history and romance of old black and white photography. However, feeling to urge to add color to his works, he began to layer his monochromatic images with vibrant sections of color, creating something whimsical and unexpected.

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