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Peaceful Nostalgia


Weaser, "Surround", Mixed Media on Panel, 40 X 60 X 1.75
Audra  Weaser, “Surround”, Mixed Media on Panel, 40 X 60 in.

Audra Weaser’s work for the past decade has focused on nature. Organic compositions, physically charged and reminiscent of watery landscapes. The artist creates a simplistic nostalgia for the viewer, transporting them to a time of wonderment as a child when one would look upon light’s reflection on ripples of water or the dancing of shadows that change as the wind moves through a tree’s leaves. Weaser’s pieces invoke images of swampy bayous, mystical forests, or light shining in from gathering weather. They are an essence of what is unseen and translated into a visual and poetic experience. Evoking a memory in the viewer’s mind of enchanted scenery that is both personal and universal.

Simply enveloping and definitely “a must” to be experienced in person!