Category: New Acquisitions

Rose Masterpol: Crush

A new acquisition in many respects, this is not just a new painting but one of the first pieces the gallery has received from Rose Masterpol. Masterpol is a self taught, contemporary abstract artist who has been painting for nearly three decades. Inspired by the works of Pollock, de Kooning, Kline, and Motherwell, her large-scale canvases are expressive, bold, and driven by intuition. Masterpol’s work is ever-evolving due to her vast interests, which include music, landscape, graphic design, and poetry.


Crush (detail)


Masterpol’s passion for poetry is not surprising, given her paintings are poems in their own right. A study of brush strokes, Rose Masterpol’s layering of color and shape is electric in Crush. The multitude of strokes and hues within this piece flow together to form one cohesive unit. The colors are captivating as they appear to burst through the tangled web of acrylic. Come in to the gallery and delve into the wonderment of this and Masterpol’s other works. 


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