Category: Mitered Corner

Segmented Instants

Take inspiration from Cubist masters and arrange segmented moments in individual frames. Turn an instant of rapid movement into graceful abstractions frozen in time. The frame you choose can complement and elevate the artwork without detracting.

This light, airy space called out for an abstract punch. A simple, elegant black frame was selected to complement the simple gestural lines in the paintings and echo the smooth black lines of the dining chairs. 

We placed these same abstract pieces in a dramatic, charcoal interior. Here we selected a simple, white frame to highlight the white in the artwork. The result brings excitement to this area of the room.

This segmented panorama extends across an expansive, dramatic navy wall. Individually, each frame presents an interesting and dramatic composition — Collectively, the pieces turn into a bold, breathtaking view of a winter landscape. The frame of choice adds a refreshing contrast to the bold backdrop and highlights the photographs within.