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Small Spaces: A Modern Vignette

Audra Weaser, Awake, Mixed Media on Panel, 62 x 56 inches


Awake, Audra Weaser’s shimmery, elemental abstraction glows in this modern vignette. The gold tears and drips in Weaser’s piece echo in the fixtures of this space, and balance the coolness of this two-toned interior. Weaser’s abstraction is meditative and enchanting. True to its name, this mixed media piece feels awake and alive. It absorbs the gold accents of the space and shines them brighter back into the room. The artist achieves this whimsical radiance by overlapping and sanding away layers of paint to create textured, dynamic compositions. Awake animates this small space, inviting imagination and contemplation into the modern realm.

Design by Michelle Wenitsky Interior Designs.

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