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3 Fun Facts About Aron Hill

Abstract painter Aron Hill marries Modernist principles with a distinctive sense of color to create playful narratives on canvas. Let’s get better acquainted with him! Here are 3 things you didn’t know about Aron Hill.

1. He Can Pinpoint His Minimalist Style To One Painting

Eight years ago, Hill had taken a break from painting, focusing on works that combined drawing, photography, and architectural elements. His work took a significant turn when he was commissioned to do a painting—he allowed himself to pare down his process and do “the least amount of painting” that he’d ever done. From there, his signature minimalist style was born. Hill is still interested in drawing and installation-based works, but now separates his mediums of choice into different series.


From the Garden #9, Acrylic on Canvas Mounted on Panel, 20 × 20 inches



2. He Loves Unprimed Canvases

Hill prefers to work on unprimed canvases rather than primed, loving the look and texture of an unprimed canvas. The natural color allows him to use white paint in his pieces, as well as creating a sense of depth and atmosphere in his backgrounds. The canvases also react well with his medium—he paints with acrylic inks mixed with water, so they tend to be extremely fluid. The unprimed canvas partially denies the ink which allows him to manipulate the medium as desired. 


Night and Dawn at a Drained Lagoon, Acrylic on Canvas, 60 × 60 inches


3. He Can’t Get Enough of Magenta

The color magenta has always resonated with Hill, and you’ll see it appear in his work often. Though bright and saturated, the colors he enjoys using are ones that he considers “grounded” and have a sense of “earthiness” to them. He’s discovered as he completes a series, the colors he uses get darker and darker with each piece. This is completely unintentional!


Guardian With Sunrise #1, Acrylic on Canvas, 48 x 36 inches

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