Category: Room With A View

A Serene Corner

With its warm neutral color palette, natural light, and cozy seating, this peaceful corner is the perfect place to unwind. We asked Amy from our Haverford gallery and Mina from Chevy Chase to choose a piece of art to complete the room. Both pieces anchor the space while bringing in some subtle color—which one would you pick?


I chose John Brandon Sills’ beautiful White Barn painting to complete this peaceful interior. With its soft color palette and contemplative subject matter, it perfectly complements the soothing nature of this sitting room where you can relax and unwind!



John Brandon Sills, White Barn, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 48 inches

John Brandon Sills: View More Work | Inside the Studio | On the Wall


I chose Liz Barber’s Garden 16 piece for this light and airy space.  The colors dance on the canvas and complete the feeling of serenity and joy in this very inviting nook.



Liz Barber, Garden 16, Mixed Media on Canvas, 59 x 60 inches

Liz Barber: View More Work |Inside the Studio | On the Wall