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Elegant Entertainment Space

Raul de la Torre, Fils I Colors DXII, Mixed Media on Canvas, 32 x 42 inches Framed


With its vibrant color and bold composition, Raul de la Torre’s Fils I Colors DXII is the perfect complement to this elegant entertainment space. Embroidery woven into the canvas creates a dynamic surface, adding a unique textural element to the walls. Within his Fils I Colors series, de la Torre deliberately chooses colors that portray specific moods, emotions, and experiences. Through his work, he hopes to encourage the viewer to think, feel, and talk. What do you feel when viewing this piece?

Check out a few in-progress shots of this stunning piece:


The color palette for Fils I Colors DXII planned out in the artist’s notebook (via @rdelatorreart)


After painting, de la Torre cuts sections out of the canvas and seamlessly incorporates embroidery


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