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Hunt Slonem: Polyphemus

Hunt Slonem; Polyphemus; Oil, Resin and Acrylic on Wood; 36 x 30 inches


Hunt Slonem brings childhood memories to life in his new painting Polyphemus.The painting is titled after the rare Polyphemus moth. In it, Slonem recalls a moment in time from his youth when his grandfather used to send him special moth cocoons. He paints them with reverence and appreciation, each one with its own unique characteristics.

Slonem’s combination of deep earth tones and bright primary colors references the ever present inspiration of nature and its spirituality in his work. Many of his paintings and sculptures contain symbolic depictions of birds, butterflies, and moths. Slonem uses his familiar dense yet playful application of paint, along with a textured surface behind the moths. This creates the illusion of the moths ascending and moving deeper into the saturated blue sky. As you move with them through the painting, Slonem takes you deeper into his past, invoking a sense of nostalgia.

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