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Nathalie Boissonnault: Follow Me

Nathalie Boissonnault, Follow Me, Mixed Media on Canvas, 30 x 48 in


Nathalie Boissonnault’s Follow Me captures a sense of playfulness and curiosity. Using origami animals throughout her work to express human emotions, Boissonnault centers this piece around an inquisitive bear. Boissonnault’s narrative canvases take on a whole new depth of meaning as the viewer gets closer. A detailed look at Follow Me reveals that the bear is illustrated through road maps representing his journey. He is drawn to the simple light bulb representing hope. This collage element can be found on most of Boissonault’s origami animals illustrating her passion for a global connection to the environment and a journey toward love and friendship – a theme in her work.


Nathalie Boissonnault, Follow Me (detail), Mixed Media on Canvas, 30 x 48 in


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