New Arrivals: Anke, Noice, Barber

There’s nothing like unwrapping a beautiful new artwork and taking in the textures and colors for the first time! Browse a few of the dynamic pieces that just arrived at our galleries.

Fly series by Anke

Anke, Fly series, Mixed Media on Panel, 24 X 24 inches each

Fly 9, Anke, Mixed Media on Panel, 24 X 24 inches
Fly 9, Mixed Media on Panel, 24 X 24 inches


Anke’s Fly series include a variety of colorful fishing flies arranged in a spiral pattern that turns them into something totally different altogether. Fly 9‘s blue colors jump off the surface, evoking a tropical flower. With this series, Anke emphasizes the importance of looking for beauty in the small things, and viewing everyday objects with a different lens.

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Mood Indigo by Marshall Noice

Marshall Noice, Mood Indigo, 48 X 36 inches


In Mood Indigo, Marshall Noice invites viewers to lose themselves in the ethereal beauty of his forest scene. Through skillful brushstrokes and a mastery of color theory, he conjures the play of light filtering through the trees. The interplay of shapes and shades creates a sense of depth and energy, creating a world where reality and imagination intertwine.

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Crocus 5 by Liz Barber

Liz Barber, Crocus 5, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48 X 48 inches


Crocus 5  beautifully illustrates Liz Barber’s technique of layering paint to evoke the organic flow of watercolor, with one vibrant color bleeding into another. The intensity of the blues is balanced by the quiet negative space to create a tranquil, harmonious composition. Whether you see a blooming flower, a swirling waterscape, or something completely different, there is always something wondrous and unique for viewers to discover in a Barber’s work.

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In Tandem: Dynamic Art Groupings and Pairs

While solo pieces can make a statement on their own, arranging artwork in groups or pairs can create a dynamic visual narrative that makes a space come together beautifully. Take a look at three vibrant groupings that we’ve recently placed in clients’ homes.


Matt Neuman, Elements series, Acrylic On Panel, 11 X 11 inches each


This trio of colorful botanical paintings by Matt Neuman complement the client’s deep blue walls and harmonize with the tranquil but whimsical mood of the space (designed by Pat Bevacqua). The pieces are protected by modern acrylic floater frames that allow your eye to go straight to the artwork.

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Tom Bolles, left to right: Vibrant Bright Blue, Vibrant Orange, Vibrant Deep Blue, 23.5 X 23.5; 25.5 X 25.5 each
Tom Bolles, left to right: Vibrant Bright Blue, Vibrant Orange, Vibrant Deep Blue, Sublimation on aluminum, 23.5 X 23.5 each


This client’s crisp white walls were waiting for a bold splash of color. The deep and vibrant tones of these works by Tom Bolles, paired with a larger painting by Michael Hoffman, bring a totally new energy to the hallway. With eye-catching geometric compositions, the pieces allow the space to feel modern yet quite playful.

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Maria Burtis, Iambic Exchange series, Mixed media on canvas, 30 X 30 each


Patterns on patterns! A pair from Maria Burtis’s Iambic Exchange series creates a captivating focal point in this cheerful, luxurious dining room. The artist’s expressive, gestural brushstrokes add a beautiful contrast to the delicate radiating wallpaper pattern.

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Create your own grouping: Browse our collection for small-scale works

Bites & Bubbly Recap

Our galleries recently played host to a fun series of trade events that brought together the worlds of art, interior design, and spring time. With Spring Spritz cocktails in hand, our art consultants had a fabulous time sharing our current show BLOOM: A Group Exhibition Celebrating Spring and chatting with attendees about their upcoming projects.

Designers admiring art and mingling with some bubbly in Haverford.


Despite the rainy weather outside, spring was in full bloom in the galleries. Each of our locations curated a collection of artwork that captures the vibrant and transformative power of the season. The air was filled with the tinkling of glasses and lively conversation as attendees chatted and explored the diverse collection of art on display.


Attendees gather near the spring themed art adorning the walls in Baltimore gallery.


The Tradition Begins, a Baltimore based mother/daughter duo, provided beautiful small bites for the evening. From gourmet cheeses and charcuterie to Bridgerton-worthy desserts, each bite was crafted to perfection.


Succulents at the front of the gallery as party favors for attendees.


Our team added some creative spring time touches to each gallery, from potted succulents for guests to take home, to adorable floral straws, and elegant orchids.


The Spring Spritz, our signature cocktail for the evening



Art Consultant Betsy speaking with an Interior Designer about a piece in Chevy Chase



Chevy Chase consultants pose in front of a Pardue Hewett piece (L-R): Mina, Betsy, Ofri, Laura


We absolutely loved getting to bring together individuals passionate about art and design in a celebration of creativity and community. We hope you can join us for the next Bites & Bubbly event!


Interior Designers and Art Consultants gather around the art and food and drink table in Baltimore.


Learn more about our BLOOM exhibition.