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How They Placed It

Take a look at how these collectors and designers thoughtfully incorporated works by Nathalie Boissonnault, Liz Baber, and Rose Masterpol into their spaces.

Nathalie Boissonnault

Boissonnault’s work finds a delightful balance between playfulness and elegance. The origami animals are layered with text, maps, and colorful graffiti that will bring in you in for a closer look. Representing universal themes like love, friendship, and our connection to the environment, her work adds a hopeful and whimsical presence to these collectors’ homes.

Liz Barber

Depending on the color palette, Liz Barber’s abstract paintings may evoke ocean scenes, spring flowers blooming, or a serene cloud formations. The flowing, organic layers of mixed media are peaceful and engaging in any setting.

Rose Masterpol

Rose Masterpol’s work covers an impressive range of abstract styles, from mid-century inspired geometric pieces to expressionist action paintings. This versatility allows her work to be enjoyed by many different types of contemporary collectors. Often created in large format, Masterpol’s paintings create a bold statement in the interiors they occupy.