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Let Nature Take Its Course

“This room is peaceful and thoughtfully designed with natural tones, materials, and textures; the importance of foliage and leaves is apparent and I thought I’d keep this in mind as I choose art for the space. ” –Betsy

Adolphe, Ripe No. 8

Joseph Adolphe, Ripe No. 8, Oil on Canvas, 68 x 56 in. framed


“Joseph Adolphe shows off Mother Nature in his peachy Ripe No. 8. This softly fitting piece looks perfect between the two window walls; it continues the greenery to the trees beyond and the plump peaches seem to tumble right off the branches for us to enjoy.”

Joseph Adolphe: View More Work | In the Artist’s StudioOn the Wall


Slonem, 5 Sparse Hutch

Hunt Slonem, 5 Sparse Hutch, Oil on Canvas, 37.5 x 49.5 in. framed


“Painting bunnies is second nature to Hunt Slonem, (born in the year of the Hare). His classic style is revealed in a minimalistic way in his new painting Sparse Hutch. This charming grouping of rabbits seems at home, close to the outdoors, while making a playful statement.”

Hunt Slonem: View More Work | In the Artist’s StudioOn the Wall


Masterpol, Liberty

Rose Masterpol, Liberty, Acrylic on Canvas, 61 x 49 in. framed


“Rose Masterpol’s works are instinctive and intuitive; her natural talent is revealed, opening the door for onlookers to tap into their own nature and see beyond the canvas. Her piece titled Liberty adds energy and color to this calm interior space, stirring up emotions within ourselves.”

Rose Masterpol: View More Work | Inside the Studio | On the Wall