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Sweets of Summer

Indulge in these new works by Oriana Ingber, Elise Remender, and Alexander Sheversky. The following pieces manifest the child in all of us—running to catch the neighborhood ice cream truck or delighting in a giant lollipop at the carnival. We could get lost in the immaculate details of this hyper realistic imagery.

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Oriana Ingber, Creamsicle, Oil on Board, 26 x 26 inches Framed


Oriana Ingber

We can almost taste Oriana Ingber’s Creamsicle! This piece embodies the search for delicious relief on a hot summer day. Ingber’s attention to detail lends beautifully to her realistic style. With a background as a professional ballet dancer, Ingber is no stranger to creativity in many forms: “I’ve discovered that all art forms are fundamentally the same; they are about revealing truth and beauty, demand the utmost in time and attention, and must be grounded in good technique. I aspire to create paintings that are full of joy, color and light.”

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Elise Remender, Love, Mixed Media on Canvas, 40 x 60 inches


Elise Remender

Elise Remender’s Love delivers movement paired with a complementary palette for the ultimate visual experience. Much like this piece, Remender’s work often portays an imaginary world where sweets and treats are the same size as her female figures. The artist speaks on her aesthetic, “I have always loved the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s. I’m a bit of an old soul and there is a sense of elegance and beauty that has been lost in modern day society, and I seek to recapture this essence in my work. I’m creating a sort of fantasy world of luxury leisure and old Hollywood glamour.”

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Alexander Sheversky, Super Blow Pop Cherry, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 40 inches


Alexander Sheversky

Super Blow Pop Cherry by Alexander Sheversky makes a statement in its timeless simplicity. The minimalist background allows the subject matter to shine—literally! We can hear the the crinkle of the plastic thanks to the artist’s impeccable highlighting. Sheversky’s credits his preciseness to his medium: “Acrylic dries faster; therefore, I can apply more paint and create stronger colors. With oil, the artist must paint from dark to light. With acrylic, I can paint from light to dark and create more brightness in the painting.”

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