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A Charming Living Area

We asked Carla, director of our Haverford gallery, about which artworks she would like to see hanging in this charming living area. She chose three pieces—a photograph, a sculpture, and a painting—each complementing different aspects of the interior design. Which piece would you hang in this space?

David Burdeny | Tomorrow’s Harvest

David Burdeny, Tomorrow’s Harvest, Saskatchewan, CA, Archival Pigment Print, 32 × 32 in.

The simplicity and coloration of David Burdeny’s photograph Tomorrow’s Harvest creates a calm presence in the highly textured room. The symmetry of Burdeny’s composition provides a balanced focal point in between these two bookshelves.

David Burdeny: View More Work | In the Artist’s StudioOn the Wall


Matt Devine | OB Jetty

Matt Devine, OB Jetty, Powdercoated Aluminum, 36 × 36 × 8 in.

Devine’s stunning wall sculpture OB Jetty anchors the room with color and dimension. Reminiscent of soothing ocean waves, this piece adds movement to the space.

Matt Devine: View More Work | Inside the Studio | On the Wall


Ariel Vargassal | Whatever It Takes

Ariel Vargassal, Whatever It Takes, Acrylic on Canvas, 60 × 48 in.

The navy suit, confident stance, and sophisticated simplicity of Vargassal’s painting complements the dark color and vertical lines of the surrounding furnishings. The impressive scale of this painting makes a bold statement in this space.

Ariel Vargassal: View More Work | In the Artist’s StudioOn the Wall